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Modern flooring options for your home

Budget is the most important factor that shapes the process of home construction and renovation. In the case of flooring, it is not just the price of material but also the labour cost and various other material required to do it well that may well end up determining your choice of floor.
To save you from a tiring market survey and help you pick the right floor for your home, I have discussed below the different flooring options that are currently in vogue.
Marble is no doubt one of the best construction materials that can be used for flooring. It is strong and durable, and due to low maintenance costs, marble flooring might just be the right flooring material for your home.
With dozens of varieties available in different price ranges, it is popular among people at large. It is interesting to note that smaller tiles of marble are cheaper than their bigger counterparts even when they cover the same area. The long-lasting texture and smooth finish of marble has earned marble floors quite the reputation among people.


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