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Marble Flooring Information A Beginners Guide to Marble Tile Floors

Marble is one of the most lavish and elegant flooring options available. It has a rich history and has been the material of choice for designers, architects, and artists throughout all of human history. All natural, marble floor tiles are quarried from mountain ranges in countries around the world and are available in a number of different finishes, sizes, and colors.
While marble is an elegant and sophisticated flooring option, it does require a certain amount of care and maintenance.

It needs to be treated on a regular basis to protect it from spills and moisture. It is also susceptible to certain kinds of stains and damage.
Scientific Information About Marble

Considerations When Installing Marble Floors

Marble is a natural stone and all natural stone materials have porous surfaces. This makes marble susceptible to damage from a variety of stains and spills. In order to offset this, a new installation of marble should be treated with both a below surface sealer and a surface finishing treatment. This will serve to clog the pores in the material, while also creating an invisible layer over it.
Maintenance will require the reapplication of the surface sealing treatment every 6 to 12 months depending on the level of traffic in the space.


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