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Electrician Gujranwala

Electrician Gujranwala

our company has years of experience to provide you all the solutions for your home and Office Electric needs. TBN Technical Services provide a high quality electrical service. We serve in the domestic, commercial & industrial sector. When electrics go wrong in your home or business, you won’t want to wait for a quality electronic repairs service. We offer electric repairs services and emergency electronic repairs throughout the Dubai area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Electrician Dubai Services

☑ Residential Electrical Services
☑ Commercial Electrical Services
☑ Changing of Wires & Cables
☑ Electric Trouble shooting
☑ Electrical Short Circuit
☑ Electric Fixing & Installation
☑ Chandelier lights Installation
☑ Replacement of lights & Dimmer switch
☑ Wall sockets Fixing & Installation
☑ Changing or installation Modular Switches


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