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Marble Honing

Marble Honing
To create a honed surface means to leave it smooth and flat with a matte finish. This is achieved in few different ways. A marble which is being diamond grinded and having lippage removed will eventually show a honed finish as the medium resin grades of diamond are used. At this stage a honing powder will be used to enhance the smoothness of the surface. These honing powders are made from a blend of abrasives compounds and can also be used to remove ring marks on a table or counter left behind by a glass or mug. Some manufacturers produce a whole range of powder grades which will remove minor scratches and also etching as well as producing a fine smooth finish. Some limestone will not polish and so grinding it with very fine diamonds will produce an ultra honed surface and so powders may not be required.
It is very important to know that the concept of honing marble has been around for generations and any process of using an abrasive to smooth marble can be described as honing. The venetians honed Terrazzo in the 15th century and since then stone has been honed with sand or any other abrasive which is effective on the stone being worked on.


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